Property Owner Services

As a property owner in Saskatchewan, you may have questions or need more information about your property’s assessment. SAMA is here to help you find that information whether you want to look up your assessed value online, further understand the assessment process or need help with a detailed property report.

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Assessments Online

SAMA has recently updated our online database of assessment information (also known as SAMAView). SAMAView provides public access to search, view and compare individual property assessments in all SAMA’s client jurisdictions. Use the link below to register for the new SAMAView. Access is free of charge for non-commercial users.

Understanding Assessment

SAMA manages the province’s property assessment system developed in consultation with municipalities, stakeholders and the provincial government. SAMA’s role in determining assessed value for properties is just the first part of a process established by provincial legislation.

How do I Interpret Detailed Property Profile Reports?

SAMA is here to help if you have got questions about your detailed property report by explaining some of the codes and abbreviations used in the report.


Local Board of Revision

Every municipality is required to establish a Board of Revision to hear appeals. Every property owner has a right to appeal his or her property assessment.

Saskatchewan Municipal Board

A property owner can request a review of a decision made by the local Board of Revision by contacting the Assessment Appeal Committee of the Saskatchewan Municipal Board.

Court of Appeal

Matters of law relating to assessment can be taken to the Court of Appeal of Saskatchewan.
More about Appeals

Providing Information to SAMA

Sometimes, SAMA requires information from property owners to complete our assessments. We can help you to understand what we need, and why you’ve been asked to provide it.

Regional Office Nearest You

SAMA has eight regional offices throughout the province. Follow the link below to find out which office is closest to you.