Our People

SAMA employs highly trained and qualified staff committed to a quality assessment system based on sound principles and universal standards.

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Board of Directors

SAMA has a seven-member Board of Directors, which includes three representatives from the provincial government and two elected representatives from each of the rural and urban sectors.

Representation on the SAMA Board of Directors is based on the principle that local governments, which depend on property tax for their principal source of revenue, should have a voice in how the property tax system is administered.

L to R: Jim Angus, Rod Quintin, Dawn Luhning, Myron Knafelc, Randy Goulden, John Wagner, Audrey Trombley
Myron Knafelc, Chair, Province
Dawn Luhning, Urban Sector
Randy Goulden, Urban Sector
John Wagner, Rural Sector
Rod Quintin, Rural Rep
Audrey Trombley, Province
Jim Angus, Province

Executive Team

Standing L to R: Todd Treslan, Karlo Simonson, Shaun Cooney, Corinne Charko (Executive Coordinator)
Seated L to R: Mathew Ratch, Betty Rogers, Darcy Boyer
Betty Rogers, Chief Executive Officer
Mathew Ratch, Managing Director of Finance
Todd Treslan, Managing Director of Assessment Services
Shaun Cooney, Chief Assessment Governance Officer
Karlo Simonson, Managing Director of Quality Assurance
Darcy Boyer, Managing Director of Information Services


SAMA delivers services through the Agency’s six divisions. These divisions are responsible for providing assessment services for our client municipalities, developing assessment policy, providing audit and roll confirmation services, and maintaining computer systems.

Advisory Committees

In accordance with The Assessment Management Agency Act, the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency maintains a number of advisory committees to:
- review policies and practices respecting assessment; and
- make recommendations to the board concerning these policies and practices.