Who We Are

SAMA is an independent agency tasked with providing a quality assessment system for Saskatchewan. We are responsible to the Province of Saskatchewan, local governments (municipalities) and property owners.

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Who We Are

Provincial legislation mandates SAMA to:

  • develop and maintain the province’s assessment policies, standards and procedures;
  • audit assessments, and review and confirm municipal assessment rolls; and
  • provide property valuation services to local governments (municipalities).

We are partly funded:

  • by the provincial government for our core service of developing assessment policy, auditing municipal assessments and confirming assessment rolls; and
  • through "requisitions" that municipalities pay for SAMA field services.

Here’s what we do, in a nutshell

SAMA provides reliable, up-to-date property assessment valuations – the pillar upon which governments set tax policy and property tax rates.

For this reason, SAMA focuses on providing objective, accurate, understandable information to all stakeholders.

SAMA strives for a quality assessment system that is:

  • accurate and up-to-date
  • based on professional standards
  • defensible
  • understandable
  • universal
  • cost-effective and easily administered
  • equitable, and

fair for all property owners.

It’s important to note what SAMA doesn’t do, because there is often confusion:

  • SAMA doesn’t make tax policy, and
  • doesn’t set mill rates.