Municipality & Government Services

There are several different services SAMA offers to our clients and stakeholders. This includes some of our quality assurance functions, market valuation requirements and the ability to request a maintenance reinspection.

Audit Guides

Several guides are available on this website to assist municipalities, and assessment appraisers in understanding the purpose as well as requirements for the roll confirmation, primary, and secondary audits.

Virtual Training Sessions for Administrators

SAMA is offering periodic virtual training sessions for administrators. Our first training session titled “Day in the Life of an Appraiser” occurred in March, 2023.

Roll Confirmations

Municipal assessment rolls must be confirmed by the agency for tax enforcement purposes, and once confirmed the roll is valid and binding on all parties. Once a roll is confirmed, the Certificate of Confirmation is provided to the municipality and a copy is posted to this website. Aggregate confirmed assessment totals are also available.
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Statutory Audit Report

Legislation requires the agency to prepare and provide audit reports for both the Primary and Secondary Audits. These are available on this website by year.
Using SAMA's Services

Municipalities use SAMA's four key services:

  1. Revaluations
  2. General Reinspections
  3. Maintenance Reinspections
  4. Support of Assessment Appeals

Municipalities have the option of using SAMA services, conducting services themselves where qualified assessors exist, or contracting the services with another service provider. SAMA levies a requisition on municipalities to pay for the agency's assessment valuation services.

Further information for municipalities wishing to discontinue using SAMA's services, or those wishing to resume using SAMA's services, can be found in the following SAMA Board Orders:

Market Valuation Standard Requirements

Provincial legislation requires that all properties in the province meet Market Valuation Standards. SAMA ensures compliance with this legislation and posts Quality Assurance Standards Reports online.

Request Maintenance Reinspections

At the request of our municipal clients, SAMA will review the physical data of properties where significant physical changes have occurred. Municipalities can make these requests at any time.