Request Maintenance Reinspections

At the request of our municipal clients, SAMA will review the physical data of properties where significant physical changes have occurred. Municipalities can make these requests at any time.

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Maintenance Reinspections

Often a municipality needs to review the assessment level of an individual property (for example, where significant new construction has altered the physical data of a property). A municipality can request SAMA to perform this function at any time.

How to Request Maintenance Reinspections

Municipalities can request maintenance reinspections by submitting requests online through the MySAMA application. Registration of a MySAMA account with a username and password is required.

Maintenance Service Fee

SAMA charges a $25.00/ property fee-for-service for several types of property reviews conducted during annual maintenance.

Property Reviews Charged a Maintenance Fee

  • Maintenance lists from municipalities (either paper-based or electronic); Subdivisions from ISC;
  • Farmhouse assessments requested by municipalities, outside of a general reinspection of a municipality;
  • Physical data updates to current assessment records as a result of the verification of sales;
  • Properties on the income approach that have a value change as a result of processing the annual income return;
  • All Industrial maintenance, excluding oil and gas well "standardized valuation" changes;
  • Railway returns and pipeline reported changes; and
  • Changes resulting from the annual returns that require appraiser intervention.

Upon approval by the municipality, SAMA also charges a maintenance fee for the following types of reviews:

  • Call-backs from a previous year’s maintenance (e.g. a new house only half-built), and internal call-backs that result in a value change;
  • Verbal requests from municipalities that are confirmed by follow-up email or correspondence; and
  • Properties annexed from another jurisdiction or all properties in the case of organization of a new municipality. 

Property Reviews Not Charged a Maintenance Fee:

There are other types of data reviews that are not charged the maintenance fee. They include:

  • Address changes as part of our internal processes;
  • Revaluation year changes after a database cut-off date;
  • Requests for municipal tax status changes;
  • Section 293 and other tax exemptions;
  • Assessment updates that are completed during a general reinspection;
  • Properties that are removed from the municipality due to annexation or the formation of a new municipality;
  • Reviews from an assessment services audit that are flagged to fix during maintenance; and
  • An appeal related issue that is tagged to be amended.