FR = Final Rating
The final assessment rating is based on the productivity of the land and takes into account economic factors that increase the inherent cost of producing a crop on the land. The final rating on the sample detail profile is 37 points.

FVR = Fair Value Rating
The value per acre of the soil area. The fair value rating is determined using the formula:

FVR = (PR - Econ) x PMI x LMI

Where FVR = fair value rating
PMI = provincial market index
PR = productivity rating
LMI = local market index
Econ = economic factors

To calculate the fair value of the soil area that is being rated: multiply the fair value rating by the number of cultivated acres in the soil area. On the sample field sheet the number of cultivated acres in the soil area is 100.

Therefore: 100 x $ 206 = $20,600.00

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