M-H RTE = Man Made Hazards
A point deduction allowed for the increase in operating costs due to man-made hazards such as railroads, highways, roads, etc. The deductions typically range from 1 to 6 points but may be higher in extreme circumstances. Man-made hazard deductions are only applied to arable land. On the sample field sheet there are no man made hazard discounts so the area is left blank.

This category is an economic factor which adds to the cost of production and is expressed as point deductions.

BP = Brush Piles
DD = Drainage Ditch
DDR = Railroad or Road and Drainage Ditch
IA = Irregularity of Area
ID = Irrigation Main Ditch
IDR = Railroad or Road and Irrigation Main Ditch
IFD = Irrigation Farmers Ditch
LSL = Lagoons and Sanitary Land Fills
O = Other
RD = Road
RR = Railroad
RRD = Railroad & Road
WR = Bush Windrows

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