N-H RTE = Natural Hazards
A point deduction allowed for the increase in operating costs due to natural hazards such as creeks, draws, sloughs, ravines, rivers, etc. The deductions typically range from 1 to 6 points but may be higher in extreme circumstances. Natural hazard deductions are only applied to arable land. On this sample field sheet there is a two point discount applied to cover the cost of farming around waste sloughs.

This category is an economic factor which adds to the cost of production and is expressed as point deductions.

B = Bush
CK = Creek
DDW = Deep Draw
DW = Shallow Draw
DWC = Shallow Draw & Creek
MB = Meadow Bog
NCK = Waste Knoll & Creek
NDW = Waste Knoll & Deep Draw
NRI = Waste Knoll & River
NRV = Waste Knoll & Ravine
RDG = Ridge
RI = River
RV = Ravine
WCK = Waste & Creek
WDW = Waste & Deep Draw
WN = Waste Knoll
WRI = Waste & River
WRV = Waste & Ravine
WS = Waste Slough
WSB = Waste Slough Bush
WSH = Waste Slough Hay
WSK = Waste Slough Cultivated
WSN = Waste & Waste Knoll

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