TOPOG RATE = Topography Rating
Topography relates to the physical feature of a landscape, especially to it's relief and slope. Topography has been classified into seven slope classes of which only five are used to describe arable land. On this sample field sheet, the slope class is T1 which is level to nearly level with average slopes of 0 to 3 percent.

This category is an economic factor which adds to the cost of production and is expressed as point deductions.

T1 = Level to Nearly Level 0-2.5%
T2 = Gentle Slopes 3-5%
T3 = Moderate Slopes 6-9%
T4 = Strong Slopes 10-15%
T5 = Very Strong Slopes 16-20%
T6 = Severe Slopes 21-30%
T7 = Excessive Slopes >30%

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