USE = Land Use
The purpose for which agricultural land is being used. Typical uses include
  • Cultivated
  • Seeded Grass
  • Yard Site
  • Arable bush land
  • Arable pasture land

= Occupied Yard Site
BA = Bush Arable
BAK = Bush Clear: Not Cultivated
BAK-A = Bush Clear/Not Cultivated Occupied Yard
BAK-V = Bush Clear/Not Cultivated Vacant Yard Site
K = Cultivated
K/G-S = Cultivated Grass-Scattered
K-A = Cultivated & Occupied Yard
KG = Cultivated Grass
KG-A = Cultivated Grass & Occupied Yard
KG-PA = Cultivated Grass & Pasture Arable
KG-V = Pasture Arable & Vacant Yard Site
K-KGA = Cultivated Grass & Occupied Yard Site
K-KGV = Cultivated Grass & Vacant Yard Site
K-PA = Cultivated & Pasture Arable
KPA-A = Cultivated, Pasture & Occupied Yard
KPA-V = Cultivated, Pasture Arable & Vacant Yard Site
K-S = Cultivated-Scattered
K-V = Cultivated and Vacant Yard Site
PA = Pasture Arable
PA-A = Pasture Arable & Occupied Yard
V = Vacant Yard Site

P. USE = Property Use Code
A four digit code which is used by SAMA to identify the present use of the arable land area that is being rated. Numbers beginning at 2000 and ending at 2020 are used to delineate arable farm land. The number 2011 is used to identify cultivated farm land.

LMI = Local Market Index
An index which is used to adjust the provincial average values* to the local sale prices in an agricultural land neighbourhood. If the local sales prices are higher, on average, than the provincial average assessment manual base calculations, an upward adjustment is required. If the local sale prices are lower than the provincial average assessment manual base calculations, a downward adjustment to provincial average values is required to equate tham to the average sale prices in a neighbourhood. LMIs are expressed as a multiplier. For example, an LMI of 1.12 increases the provincial average value by twelve percent, while an LMI of 0.93 reduces the provincial average values by seven percent.

*Provincial average values result when the final assessment rating of the soil is multiplied by the provincial market index.

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