Aum Qtr = Animal Unit Months per Quarter
The carrying capacity expressed in animal unit months per quarter. This is the animal unit months per acre converted to animal unit months per quarter by multiplying the AUM per acre by 160. For rating area number one: dark brown pasture on thinly developed soil can carry 0.250-AUM (animal unit months per acre); 0.250-AUM/AC x 160 acres = 40-AUM/QTR. This is equivalent to about seven cows over a six-month grazing season. The same calculation completed for the second pasture-rating area produces a rating of 19-AUM/QTR. The carrying capacity represents the value of the range for grazing, and is defined as the maximum long-term stocking rate possible without inducing range degradation.


Calculation Sequence:


AUM Acre x Acres = AUM per Qtr
0.250 x 160 = 40
0.122 x 160 = 19
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