Aum Acre = Animal Unit Months per Acre
The number of animal unit months per acre that the particular pasture range site can carry. An animal unit month refers to the amount of forage consumed by a 1000-pound cow, with calf at side, in one month. On the first area, a "Thin" range site in the Dark Brown zone, this is 0.25 animal unit months per acre. The second area, a sandy range site in the Black soil zone with aspen tree cover, is rated at 0.122 AUM per acre.


Calculation Sequence:


Range Site x Past Type x Tree x Wtr Tbl = Aum Acre
TH x N x no x no =
.250 x 1.0 x 1.0 x 1.0 =
L x N x yes x no = Yield
.450 x 1.0 x .27 x 1.0 =
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