Tree = Tree Cover

Tree cover refers to the type of tree cover on the pasture area being rated. If the pasture is tree covered, the carrying capacity of the pasture must be reduced. The amount of this reduction in carrying capacity is dependent on the density and type of tree cover. For example, if there is no tree cover, the tree-cover rating is 1.0. However, if aspen trees are the tree cover, the carrying capacity is reduced accordingly. In the second pasture-rating area on the sample profile, the tree cover is "ASP". In this example, the carrying capacity of Aspen native pasture is reduced by 73% due to the presence of the tree cover. The 73% tree cover deduction is applied by multiplying 72-AUM (animal unit months) by a factor of 0.27. The effect of multiplying by 0.27 is similar to making a reduction of 73% in the carrying capacity for the aspen tree cover.

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