FR = Final Rating
The final assessment rating of the soil rating area.  On this profile we have only one arable soil rating area. The productivity rating is 55.35 points and the economic factor ratings total 10 points. The final rating is 45.35 points.

Calculation Sequence:
PR - EF = FR

55.35 – 10 = 45.35

FVR = Fair Value Rating
The fair value rating per acre. In the sample agricultural detailed profile the fair value rating calculated to $263.03 per acre. The fair value rating per acre is not the appraisal level of arable land in the area. It is a value determined through following the applications of rules in the Saskatchewan Assessment Manual and may be higher or lower than the current selling price of farmland.

Calculation Sequence:
FR x Prov. Factor = FVR

45.35 x 5.80 = 263.03

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