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Providing Information to SAMA

SAMA may request any information or document that relates to, or might relate to, the value of any property. This authority is provided by section 171(1) of The Cities Act; section 201(1) of The Municipalities Act; and/or section 196(1) of The Northern Municipalities Act; which sections provide that:




Sales Verification Form

The Sales Verification Form is sent to verify details about sales transactions of properties. SAMA uses this information to confirm market values for property assessment purposes. Providing SAMA with accurate market information helps ensure fair and equitable property tax assessments. If you have questions about this form please contact 1-866-828-2133.


Completed forms can be faxed to (306) 924-8070 or mailed using the enclosed postage paid envelope.


Property Rental Income and Expense Information Request Form

The Property Rental Income and Expense Information Request Form is sent to owners of commercial properties, apartments, hotels and motels.


The building rental income approach is a commercial property assessment methodology integral to SAMA’s market value assessment system, and is generally regarded across North America as the best method for arriving at market value of most commercial properties. In order to use the building rental income approach, SAMA must gather income and expense information for as many rental properties as possible. Provision of actual information is very important, as it is part of the data used to establish typical income and expense amounts for all similar properties in our analysis. We request this information annually.

SAMA recognizes that the information being requested may contain personal, confidential or sensitive business information. SAMA will ensure that property-specific building rental income and expense information is kept confidential in accordance with the confidentiality provisions set out in the legislation. If you have questions about this form please contact 1-866-828-2133 or (306) 924-6626, or email at revaluation.unit@sama.sk.ca.


Forms can be faxed to (306) 924-6625 or mailed using the enclosed postage paid label or envelope.


Cost of Construction Questionnaire

The Cost of Construction Questionnaire is sent to collect construction costs. As part of providing assessments under the municipal Acts, SAMA requires up-to-date local cost information to use as part of the cost approach to value. The information provided is essential to providing accurate and fair assessments. If you have questions about this questionnaire please contact (306) 924-8062. 


Completed questionnaires can be faxed to (306) 924-8070 or mailed using the enclosed postage paid envelope.



Industrial Change Reporting

There are several Industrial Change Reporting deadlines outlined by The Municipalities Act for heavy industrial properties.


Oil & Gas Wells

Owners of oil & gas wells are required to report all changes to their wells by September 1st each year. Profiles can be requested from SAMA once each year by owners to review for reporting purposes. Owners can submit reports of changes to their wells at any time before the September 1st deadline. These changes are reviewed by SAMA's Industrial Unit, and revised profiles are provided to the property owner for review before assessments are finalized. 


The form below is provided for owners to use as a template for submitting change requests to SAMA:


  Oil & Gas Change Reporting Form (Excel workbook format)



Pipeline owners are required to provide information regarding their pipelines including type, size, and yearly volumes by March 1st each year.

Industrial property owners can report changes and corrections to industrial.unit@sama.sk.ca.


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