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Assessment Services Division - Industrial Assessment Unit


The industrial unit is based out of SAMA’s Central Office in Regina. It is responsible for the assessment of oil & gas wells and processing facilities, mines, pipeline, and other heavy industrial properties. These properties are assessed on the regulated property assessment valuation standard. All regulated properties are assessed using the Saskatchewan Assessment Manual. 


Resource production equipment and pipeline assessments are based on the replacement cost new, less lifetime depreciation and downtime allowances. All other heavy industrial buildings and structures are assessed using rates set out in the Marshall & Swift Valuation Guide. 


Oil & gas wells are assessed based on the resource production equipment required to operate a substitute well capable of performing the same function as the well, plus the flowline or tank on the well. The substitute well is determined using information received from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy & Resources regarding the well type and production levels between July 1 and June 30 of the previous year.  


Non-well sites are those oil & gas sites which are not included in the assessment of a well, such as header, separator, compressor, and battery sites. These are assessed based on the buildings, structures, and resource production equipment on site. Information is gathered from reports received by owners and by physical inspection. 


Transmission pipelines are assessed based on the type and size of the pipeline, and given a volume adjustment factor. The volume adjustment factor is based on the average 2012 to 2014 volume of the pipeline.   


The resource production equipment at mines is assessed based on the cost of the actual equipment in use at the mine between January 1 and December 31 of the previous year.




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